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vapour-liquid contacting

Logichem Process Engineering has three decades of experience in designing and producing equipment and plants for the handling, heating, cooling and storage of Ammonia.

Logichem also designs the process and equipment for vaporisation of Ammonia, which can be used for flue gas conditioning, water purification & other chemical applications.


Our equipment complies to South African standards, using SANS 10147 amongst other codes to design and produce, ensuring the strictest safety measurements are taken. 

For use in

industrial refrigeration systems,

Refrigerant Transfer Units (RTU's),

 Ammonium hydroxide production

& many more processes

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Ammonia equipment Logichem Process Engineering has produced
NH3 Storage SU .jpg
Ammonia storage for Swakop Uranium 

Each 120m vessel stores 60 tonne Ammonia, supplying 360 tonne total storage capacity


Amm in worksop.jpg
Workshop production

Our workshop is fully equipped to produce ammonia vessels

PLC 2.jpg
PLC for ammonia tank

Logichem Process Engineering designs the controlling of processes, with the programming of equipment PLC's done in-house.

Delivering our Ammonia vessels to client's site

Logichem Process Engineering oversees the delivering and installation of Ammonia vessels. This 9 tonne storage tank was installed for SA Mint. 

Ammonia chilling

These Ammonia chilling vessels were designed and manufactured for Howden

featured customers

Some of the world's most trusted companies trust us with their ammonia process equipment

Swakop Uranium.PNG

To compliment Logichem's world class design expertise, we use only the best fittings and materials.

We put our trust in Danfoss for valves and fittings designed to be used in Ammonia applications

Ammonia equipment
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