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Welcome to our new website. While we are live, we are still busy updating this site to bring you our whole range of services and products. If you would like to enquire about a specific product, don't hesitate to contact us

mass transfer equipment

Logichem Process Engineering is experienced in the design and manufacturing of equipment for the contacting of gas, liquid and solids, for processes relying on mass transfer


At Logichem we design column internals that will best suit a client's process needs. These internals include trays, structured packing and random packing amongst others. 

Read more about our column solutions. 

Explore our capabilities


See vapour-liquid contacting equipment

activated carbon, dryers

See adsorption equipment


Distillation columns
Gas Scrubbing

Industries we serve


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Brewing, fermenting and distilling, we cover it all. 


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We have experience in both coal and nuclear energy. Read more about our capabilities. 


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Potable water is fast becoming scarce in drought stricken areas, highlighting the importance of engineering to ensure reserves of clean water.


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Food production requires the utmost quality when it comes to process and plant design. Read more about our strandards.


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From extracting biomolecules to ensuring the strictest hygiene requirements for plants, our services and products ensure high quality pharmaceutical production.

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