mass transfer equipment

Mass transfer involves the exchange of chemical components from one system to the next. 

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gas scrubbing

Gas scrubbing cleans gasses of contaminants, producing hygienic gas for food or pharmaceutical applications.


Logichem has been involved in the design and supply of distillation plants for the alcohol industry. Logichem is the leading potable alcohol technology provider in Southern Africa

degassing &


Logichem offers CO2 and H2S degassing for potable water treatment plants

absorption & strippers

Logichem has experience in various absorption and stripping applications. This puts us in a good position to design absorption and stripping equipment suited to client's specific needs. Our experience includes but is not limited to the following applications:

– Volatile Organic Components (VOC) with wash oil
– C4-C5 removal with heavy oil
– CO2 capturing (MEA, DEA, MDEA, etc)
– Gas Sweetening (Amine Process)
– Acetylene Absorption


Distillation columns
Gas Scrubbing

Industries we serve


Brewing, fermenting and distilling, we cover it all. 


We have experience in both coal and nuclear energy. Read more about our capabilities. 


Potable water is fast becoming scarce in drought stricken areas, highlighting the importance of engineering to ensure reserves of clean water.


Food production requires the utmost quality when it comes to process and plant design. Read more about our strandards.


From extracting biomolecules to ensuring the strictest hygiene requirements for plants, our services and products ensure high quality pharmaceutical production.

ISO 9001:2000 accredited

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