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past & present projects

Logichem Process Engineering takes the client's required outcome into consideration, a process is designed, equipment designed, rated and manufactured and finally the whole process is automated

ammonia and sulphur processing

In 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Logichem has designed & manufactured part of a plant for Howden, to be installed at the Eskom Tutuka power station. The pilot plant will be used in experiments to test dual injection for flue gas conditioning, using ammonia and sulphur.

Logichem was responsible for the design and production of two parts of the plant:
An ammonia storage vessel with an attached vaporiser
And a sulphur smelter, with two steam bundles, with steam provided by a Logichem designed boiler

Ammonia storage with vaporiser.jpg
Ammonia Storage vessel
Ammonia vaporiser
Water softener.jpg
Steam buffer
Water softener
Thermo syphon boiler
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