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hygienic equipment

Logichem designs and manufactures Hygienic Heat Exchangers for the food and pharmaceutical industries. High fidelity, double tube sheet shell and tube heat exchangers that do not permit contamination by mixing of process fluids with utility fluids (cooling water, steam, refrigerant, glycol) in the event of tube to tube sheet joint failure.

Hygienic Equipment include:

– Hygienic steam plants for

pharmaceutical companies
– Water for injection plants (WFI Plants)
– Hot loops
– Cold loop sanitation

- Point of use coolers

- Point of use heaters

Heating, cooling and phase changing of any chemical is engineered carefully using advanced process, thermal and mechanical software such as HYSYS & TASC, and comes to life in our workshop. 

Logichem offers a wide range of Heat Exchangers manufactured and supplied in various materials, complying with the TEMA, ASME, PD &  EN codes. We have extensive knowledge in cold service materials

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